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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 153

I didn't realise how much money he had. I mean I knew he was comfortably off. He spent money on me, which he liked doing so much I just let him. And to be honest, I liked the stuff he bought me. After we came back from Europe I moved in with him. He always treated me good, always. So when he got sick, I stayed with him. I visited him in hospital, every day for as long as they allowed me. They got used to me. The nurses would smile. Maybe they thought I was his grandson. I was with him at the end. Anyway, I didn't know he'd left it all to me. His family never visited him. There were only some nephews and nieces and a brother. But they never visited him. When they heard about the will, though, they took it to court. But Richard had drawn up the will very carefully, or anyway his lawyers had, and they lost. Afterwards in the lobby of the courtroom, they called me a whore and a faggot queer. I just looked at them and then I asked them where they were which Richard was sick. Or lonely. Why didn't they visit. The nephew tried to punch me and some police in the lobby restrained him. Richard loved me. And in the end I loved him.” He was silent for a while. “All I have left of him now is the memories. And some recordings. He was Richard _________, the famous cellist.”
Jeez! He lived in Australia? I never knew that! Wow!” Keith was rapt. Jason had never heard of him. It impressed him that Keith had.
He retired here after he stopped playing in public. He said that Europe was too cold in winter, and though it got cold in Melbourne, Sydney was too barbarous. Melbourne reminded him of his home town.”
He was from somewhere in the south of France, wasn't he?”

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