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Friday, July 15, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 154

Well, he was originally English. His name sounds French, but it isn't. He came from the Channel Islands. Apparently they used to be part of France. But he lived for a long time in the south of France. Anyway. The point is this: if you think hard about it, I was a whore. So it's no biggie, Keith. And … it was just good luck that I didn't get infected. I mean, I never even thought to ask if Richard was pozz. And he wasn't, but he could have been.”
You know,” said Jason, “how is what you did any different to what that woman who married that Texas billionaire did? He was 75 or something, and she was a young model. You know that old joke, don't you?”
Which one?” asked Keith.
A man goes up to a woman at a party, and asks whether she'd sleep with him for fifty thousand pounds. So she simpers a little, then says yes. So then he asks her whether she'd sleep with him for fifty pounds. And she says, indignantly, 'what do you think I am?' So he goes, 'Madam, we know what you are. Now we're just negotiating price.'”
That's a mean trick!” cried Keith, outraged.

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