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Friday, July 22, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 157

Keith was half in love with Jason, but he knew better than to push it. He nodded.
Luigi wasn't sure what “friends with benefits” was, entirely, but he nodded anyway. It struck him as odd that before he'd met Jason he would have found only straight men attractive. That was what had drawn him to Jason in the first place — his aura of straightness. But now that he knew that he wasn't, it didn't matter. He found him just as compellingly desirable and attractive as he had before, when they'd been acting out their roles of super macho straight and ultra queeny gay. He was so handsome with his blond hair and blue eyes and strong sportsman’s body, and though he'd been in love with a bloke, all the same, he seemed just like an ordinary guy to Luigi. He thought of himself as the stereotypical gay femme man, and he wasn't attracted to that at all in other men. He smiled wryly to himself. Didn't the activists call that internalised homophobia?
What are you grinning at?” asked Keith, smiling a little himself.
I was just thinking how weird attraction is. Here I am — an effeminate young queen, not even a wise old queen — and here you two are. Macho as. And very sexy with it.” Luigi ducked his head, shyly, not able to meet their eyes.
Keith went over to him and kissed him, putting his hand onto Luigi's junk and squeezing it. “Ya knaow what, mate? Ya're incredibly hot. I think so anyway.” And he kissed him again, hard, pressing himself against Luigi's body. Luigi could feel Keith's erection straining against his own. He smiled at Keith. “I thought you had to go to work?”
Shit! I do!” he yelped. He grinned like a madman. Giving one last caress to Luigi's package, he turned and headed for the shower.

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