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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 160

“No we're not! I'm coming with you to help clean up. And then we're going to fuck!” Jason let go of Luigi and grabbed Keith. “And you'd better be there, handsome!” He started wrestling with him and then both fell to their knees on the carpet. Keith's towel fell away. Jason put one hand on Keith's cock and started tickling him with his other hand. “You ticklish, Keith?”
I swear, Jace, you tickle me and I'll kill ya, for sure.” Keith was laughing.
Jason just grinned. He felt so happy ... for a moment, until he remembered Brent. He rolled away from Keith and they both stood up.
Well ya'd better get a jizz on, Jace —” Keith paused, then grinned slyly in the way Jason was coming to know, “— so to speak! — 'cos there's work to be done. I promised Tom I would clean up before opening time 'cos we couldn't do it last night.”
I'll come clean up with you and go shower afterwards. I've got no clean clothes here.”
Ya could borrow my boxers and socks and a T-shirt if ya wanted.” Keith turned to Luigi. “You too, if ya'd like.”
They wouldn't fit!”
You sayin' I'm fat?”
Only where it matters,” answered Luigi with a grin. “Anyway I like guys with a bit of heft. I like your tummy. It's sexy.” He reached over and patted it.
Yeah, yeah. Listen, I've gotta go. It's nearly 10 and there's a motza work to do.”
I'll come help,” said Luigi. “I wanna tell you blokes about something.”
There's no time to shower,” said Jason. “Let's get dressed and go.”

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