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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 166

The two of them walked to the door, talking quietly, their heads together. Luigi and Jason sat in silence. Keith kissed Esmé on her cheek, and squeezed her hand briefly, then came back.
Roight! Spill the bayns, Lou! Tell all to uncle Keith, best counsellor in the district!”
So, halting at first, then more fluently, Luigi told them about Cody. In the end he was weeping, and Keith was sitting on one side of him with his arm round him and Jason was on the other, with his arm also round Luigi's waist, and his leg pressed up against Luigi's.
If he came back, wouldya take him back?” asked Keith.
I dunno.” Luigi shook his head in despair. “I just don't fucking know.”
Dya think he loved you?”
I did! I thought he loved me. I thought this was the big one. The love of my life.” Luigi poured scorn and bitterness into the last few words. “Until I found out. Now ...”
But Lou … can't you love more than one person? Maybe he loves you and his wife.” Keith was gentle, but persistent.
Yeah. But … I dunno … it was the deceit. If he'd told me from the beginning ...” He sighed, and wiped his eyes on his shirt sleeve. “I was so angry and hurt. But it was more than that … it was that he was deceiving his wife. And she seemed nice.”
Well,” sighed Keith in turn, “it's hard if you're bi.”

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