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Friday, August 12, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 167

Well, he should fucking choose then.”
Easy for you to say. You're 100% gay. What the fuck should people like me do?” Keith moved away from Luigi, and slid over to the end of the bench.
Luigi was looking angry too. “This bi business is bullshit. It just ends up hurting us. We fall for straight or bi guys and next thing they're off with wifie or girlie and we're out in the fucking cold!”
I didn't say it was easy,” said Keith. “But now, take me.”
OK!” interjected Jason, trying to make a joke of it, his skin crawling with the tension between the other two.
Keith ignored him. Looking directly at Luigi, he said, his accent once again very strong, “I was stroight before I went on the strayts. I'd never had sex with a blaoke. Then I had to let myself be fucked by them. And some of them were kind to me. And one or two made me cum, made me feel good, made me feel loved. And — shit! — I stopped fayling normal, ya knaow! I stopping fuckin' carin'. Wantin' to have a girlfriend, a wife maybe, ya knaow, all that het stuff, all that fuckin' normal let's be like everybody fuckin' else stuff. And I found that I liked guys. I liked sex with men. I—fuck it!—I fell in love with a few.”

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Patrick Young said...

Oh dear Keith... the pain of feeling you have to choose between either a black/white or a shade of gray... So important to keep the distinction that we're ALL both/and, not either/or, except for a VERY small percentage of the population...

Nikolaos said...

The more I look into it, the more convinced I am that a very significant percentage of the populaion -- say 50% -- is or is potentially bisexual.