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Friday, August 12, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 168

He pushed his paper coffee beaker round the table in front of him.
But I still like women.” Very quietly, looking away, anywhere but at the other two, he added, “I still hope I'll find somebody, maybe get married, have kids. But there's the, ya knaow, virus, and anyway, what woman would want a strayt kid, a whore?”
C'mere!” said Jason. Keith shook his head. Jason stood up and went over to Keith's end of the bench, and standing behind him, put his arms round the other man and rested his head in Keith's curls. “What woman would want a man who's clever, kind, and sexy? Hmm?” he said, and then he bent his head to one side and kissed Keith's ear. Keith reached up with his hand and squeezed Jason's arm.
I didn't mean to be shitty,” offered Luigi. “I just … well for me, I'm only interested in blokes. I couldn't … you know … get hard for a woman. I suppose it's because I'm such a queen.”
You reckon, Lou? I reckon if I was up you, pounding away, you'd be hard as, with any woman.” Keith's eyes glinted.
Luigi coloured.
Keith grinned. “No shame here, mate. Sex is sex, and love is love, and never the twain shall meet. No, I don't mean that, I knaow they can. But, Lou, I'd get hard just doing you, ya knaow that?”

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