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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 169

Luigi stared at him. “It's a date,” he said flatly. “You're just the kind of guy I go for. Straight.”
Keith reached out with the arm which wasn't holding Jason and gently punched Luigi's shoulder. “Not straight, not any more.”
You look straight. You act straight. All that rough manliness.” Luigi's tone was mocking, but his eyes were sad.
Keith stared at him for several heartbeats. “Ya knaow, Lou,” he said, his accent verging on the impenetrable, “ya're a sexy fucker. Ya knaow that, roight? Ya knaow that nointy percent of the blaokes who come in here would loik ta fuck ya silly. Fuck ya till they're raw. And I knaow that I'm not sexy. I'm not good-lookin', I've got this,” and he massaged his paunch, “and I'm not a looker loik yaou and Jason here. I'm just a blaoke. Nothin' much. A nobody. Unattractive, a fuckin' dog.”
Luigi looked at him then turning away addressed the wall. “I go for manly guys. Straight guys. Straight-acting guys. I'm always getting into trouble. You're … jeez, Keith … you have no idea. You're totally—totally—hot.” He turned to look directly at Keith. “ 'Fuck me till you're raw, huh?' I could do that.” He held Keith's eyes,and Jason could feel the electricity between them. “But what about after? Huh? What about my heart?”
What about it?”
You'll go off with Esmé, yeah, and get married, and have kids and stuff.”

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