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Monday, August 15, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 170

Keith avoided Luigi's intent stare. “Not Esmé. We tried that. Didn't work.”
She still loves you.”
Yeah, well.”
Luigi turned to face Keith, straddling the bench. “Look, Keith, it seems to complicated. You know. Guy has girl. Guy has guy. How do you organise it? How do you not tear each other to shreds?”
Whaddya think's going to happen with us?” Keith pointed to him with one hand and waved the other above his head in Jason's direction.
I dunno.” Luigi's tone was despairing. “I dunno. I dunno how.”
We'll work it out,” said Keith, firmly. “Sometimes it'll be you and me. And sometimes Jace and me or you and Jace. Or all three of us. Why can't you do that with a woman?”
I couldn't.”
Well, maybe,” Keith acknowledged. “Seriously though, what about us three?”
When're you going to fuck me raw, straightboy?” Luigi's black-olive eyes gleamed with lust and amusement. And some spite, too. He raised his gaze from Keith's face to Jason's. “And you, straightboy number one?” Jason instantly popped a boner.
I can't. Ya knaow I can't. I'm positive.” Keith scrubbed his head vigorously with both hands.
You wear a condom. You pull out before you cum. Easy.”
Yeah. So?”
Or ya could fuck me. I'd like that.” Keith was smiling.

[Image from Aussie Speedo Guy]

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Patrick Young said...

Now THERE's a scenario from out of left field! Bravo!