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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 171

Jason had barely talked about sex with Brent. They'd made love often, and joked about their cocks and their bums and what it was like to have sex all the time, but by comparison, these two were utterly frank about what they wanted and what they liked. He found it unnerving.
Luigi was still staring at Keith. “I'm not usually a top. But for you, straightboy, I'm prepared to make an exception.”
Keith pulled Luigi's head close and kissed him, tongue, lips, nothing held back. Jason watched, his boner squeezed into his trunks, rigid behind the stiff fabric of his jeans. Keith pulled back but kept his eyes locked on Luigi's. “Yeah,” he said. “Yeah.”
The door from the street opened with a bang, and Tom came in. “Yeah, a fuckin' union maytin', huh?”
Oops, sorry, Tom. We were just havin' a coffee!” Keith leapt up and scurried to the bar counter.
Yeah, roight!”
I better go,”said Luigi.
Give us your mobile number, love,” said Keith, sashaying back and forth as he tidied up the detritus from the night before. Jason marvelled at the transformation from straight-acting homo to over-the-top swish into the persona who could abuse a group of drunk patrons by calling them 'sista'. It made him wonder who the real Keith was, what he would have been like if he hadn't been thrown onto the streets. Keith hadn't said why his father had thrown him out, and Jason had always assumed it was because Keith was gay. But was it so?

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