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Friday, August 19, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 175

Tom groaned softly.
That's so good, Key.”
After several deep strokes, Keith stopped and pulled down his jeans and boxers, and slathered lube over Tom's cock. Facing Tom, never letting his eyes move away from Tom's intense gaze, he carefully lowered himself onto Tom's stiff cock, and then leaned forward to kiss him. They began the familiar rhythm, their bodies attuned to each other from long practice. Keith impaled himself deeper and deeper on Tom's cock with each push, and their thrusts grew faster and faster. He leaned back a little to accentuate the feel of Tom's cock on his prostate, and he felt the thrill of fire and ice flush his whole body. The delicious ache built inside him.
Oh, god, Tom, oh fuck, that's so good,” and then he came all over Tom's belly. A moment or two later Tom cried out himself and came too, pumping his jizz into Keith.
Keith wiped his fingers through his cum on Tom's tummy and licked them. Then he leaned against Tom, before pulling back a little so he could see into Tom's eyes and said, “Ya're the best, ya knaow. Ya do that sao well.”
Ya jus' do somethin' ta me, Key.” But he looked sad.

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Patrick Young said...

Oh, Nik! The words: pluperfect scorchin' quickie, with both blokes' bliss immaculately expressed. The pic: that's the most gorgeous coupling I've seen in eons! What a master you are at discovering and sharing moments of perfection! KUDOS!!

Nikolaos said...

What an encomium! Glad I, ahem, moved you. :-)