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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 178

Tom hadn't had to teach Keith to love: he was so full of unsatisfied love it poured out of him in a torrent. But he had to learn that lust was only a cousin to love and not his brother. It took him over two years while Keith learned to trust him. Meanwhile, he got Keith to work in The Lord Grey. He taught him everything about running the pub.
One day he said to him, “It's toim ya moved out, Key.”
What the fuck! Whoi?”
Because otherwoise we're goin' ta foight. And we'll brike up. And I love ya too much for that.”
But, Tom, I fuckin' love ya. I love ya!” Keith was weeping.
Hey, daon't croi, love. C'mere.” He pulled Keith into the embrace of his skinny arms. “I love ya too, Keithie. But if we work together and live together, we're goin' ta foight. 'Cos we'll get sick a one another. We'll see each other every day. We'll fuck as often as you want ...”
... every fuckin' day, Tom, ya knaow that ...”
... yeah, too roight, I do. Ya wear me out, ya young stud.” He smiled to show he was joking. “But, Keithie, what we have is too praycious to chuck it away. You're young and full a spunk. Ya'll want ta have sex with everybody. Just loik oi did. But what we have is spaycial. You'll have me and I'll have you always. And if ya want ta have sex with a blaoke ya meet, ya can. Just sao long as ya go on lovin' me. I waon't mind about your other blaokes. See, Keith-babe, I haven't got a son—that I knaow of—and so I see ya as my son, sort of.”
Ya don't fuck ya son.”
Yeah. I'm not sayin' it's exactly the sime. Ya knaow, the Ancient Greeks would have an older man lookin' after and lovin' a younger blaoke, showin' him the ropes of loif. They were lovers, but the older one taught the younger one ta be a man.”

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