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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 179

Keith wasn't comforted, had wept inconsolably and only stopped when Tom made love to him. During the night, Tom woke up to find Keith's cock stiff between his bum cheeks, and Keith trying to enter him. This was the first time since they met that Keith had wanted to top Tom.
Do it,” Tom urged. “Fuck me silly. Whatever ya want, love.”
Afterwards, Keith had lain silent in the bed next to Tom. “What oi want is to stay with ya.”
Tom had let the matter slide, but after the next fight he'd waited till they'd had make-up sex and then taken him to see the flat.
I've bought it for ya,” he said. “Oi daon't want ya to stay with me because oi pay, roight? And after our foight las' week ... Keith … I daon't want ta lose ya. Ever. Aiven if we stop fuckin' oi want us still to bay best friends. Always, Keith. 'Cos ya're the best thing that's ever happened to may.”

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Patrick Young said...

My neighbor who spent several high school years is Aus was over helping me paint today. I told him of my ongoing "stories" especially MF, with the way you write in (as you put it once) almost indeciferaable dialect. I have to actually read it out loud to get the English sometimes, but absolutely adore the diphthongs and twangs. I'm from the South (Carolina, gawd hep me) so I understand the tweaks of pronunciation that noo yawkahs couldn't begin to fathom.

Beautiful scene, mate. Beautiful men. Beautiful life.

Nikolaos said...

LOL. When we first came to Oz we struggled to understand the ppl who spoke with a strong "ocker" accent. These days it's easier. And yes, you do have to read it out loud to make sense of the strange Ozzie diphthongs and triphthongs!

Patrick Young said...

Makes me leak into the boxers just thinking about the ease of conversation and touching and smooching and snogging with no more than the genuine expression of being mates that we SORELY lack on this side of the pond.... Gawd, what would have given to give my neighbor a hot smotch for the painting this afternoon.... but the big ol' bear would prolly have bitten my tongue to blood, smacked me into the wall, and stormed out disparagingly, and not spoken for three weeks.

Nikolaos said...

He probably would have here in Oz too!

I'm describing a made up world, one which I wish gay-shaded men inhabited, one where love and affection is as important -- more important -- than lust.

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