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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 183

How did they react when ya taold them you were positive?”
Keith had pulled up his boxers and jeans and was leaning against the door frame doing up his Levi's buttons.
He looked up. “Ya daon't have ta worry, Tom. Oi taold them. Loik we should. Jason was totally thraown. But he worked hard at not shaowing it. He's a good blaoke, Tom.”
He hasn't got a visa, love. One of these days he'll go back ta England.”
... ya knew he didn't have a visa ?”
... 'Course. Oi daon't mind. He works hard, despoit bein' from the top drawer. I met that toype when I was with the band. The Hooray Henrys, and Spandy Pams. All charm and butterin' up, till they're with their friends, then ya count fa nothin'.”
Yeah, maybe.” Keith met Tom's eyes. “But maybe with him it's different. He's had a bad toim, because he didn't stick by his blaoke. And … well … I reckon he's learnt his lesson.”
Oi daon't want ya ta get hurt, Keith-babe, that's all.”
I know, Tom.” He went over to Tom, still in the executive chair, his jeans now buttoned up again, and kissed him. “I love ya, Tom. Always.”

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Patrick Young said...

You bleedin' SADIST that pic and tha tidbit of story so stinkin' suggestive... I'll throw a mOdazz on ya you keep this teasing up, crimey!