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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tom of Finland

Depictor of the archetypal hypermasculine gay. There's room for him as well as "vulnerable goslings" (to quote Ethan Mordden). Gay is a broad church, one might even say a "catholic" church. ("Catholic" comes from the Ancient Greek, kat-holos, which means across the whole, i.e., everywhere)  Uniforms, leather, muscles, tight military pants ... it's all there.  Some straights think we long for effeminate men, men who are substitutes (in their eyes) for women.  No:  we are much broader and more catholic than that.  We love men, from the hypermasculine through the ordinary bloke on to the femme (like Luigi in Majorca Flats).  Odd, isn't it, that we should be so catholic, no?

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