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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 193

Tradies in Hard Yakka pants
One day, walking home to Majorca Flats, Jason deliberated very carefully whether he was falling in love. He didn't think so. Yes, he was very partial to Keith, but he liked Luigi too, and what's more, he found Luigi intensely arousing and desirable. When he pulled his wire in the shower every morning, he imagined himself with both the others, with himself in the middle of a threesome and Luigi doing him while he did Keith. Or of Luigi in the middle with himself on one side and Keith on the other.
Truth to tell though, he was beginning to feel a strong need for sex again when they set off together from Keith's flat to The Lambs Go Bar. He was filled with the prickly excitement of a second date.
The Lambs Go Bar was a small Victorian pub, much smaller than The Lord Grey, but very charming, full of what looked like the original stained glass and oak settles.
Keith had been correct: the clientele were very different to The Lord Grey's. There were mixed couples as well as groups of women on their own. But there were also a few gay couples, too. He admired one man wearing baggy diaphanous harem pants with a fluorescent green thong underneath, sandals with turned up tips like something from 19th century Istanbul, and a skin-tight T-shirt. You could see that his nipple rings and a stud in his belly button through the thin cotton. He was with a man still in his tradie gear, dusty blundstone boots, torn Hard Yakka pants and a T-shirt which had clearly seen better days. His shoulders were like cannon-balls, and he had a bit of a tummy. Jason didn't know which he found sexier.
Keith noticed where he was looking. “Yeah. Interesting couple, huh? But I bet the blaoke in the gauzy pants doesn't go out loik that unless he's with Mr Hunk next to him.”

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