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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 194

No,” said Luigi. “Not even here just off Smith Street. There are still a lot of blokes who feel threatened by guys like him. Or like me.”
Partly it's self confidence,” replied Keith. “If ya look strong and full a' shit, those drongoes will leave ya alone. If ya look timid an' fearful, they'll go for ya. Arseholes. I had to learn to fight those fucktards when I was on the streets. But I got beaten up a few times. They think it proves they're real men when they beat up a homo.”
Yeah. I've got beaten up a few times too,” Luigi said. “That's why I don't like straights.”
Lou, those blaokes who beat us up, they're fuckin' gay. Ya knaow that, roight? They hate themselves. They hate bein' gay. So they take it out on us. If they beat us up they feel better, they feel stright again. It's complete bullshit, we all knaow that, but they jus' daon't … they feel rotten inside.”
They act straight.”
Yeah. But beatin' up homos is a dead give-away.”
Yeah. True.”
[The owners of the Lambs Go Bar have moved on to The Rainbow Hotel at the other end of Brusnwick Street, which is just as nice, and where I saw the scene about the band member I wrote into Fathers]

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