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Friday, September 9, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 196

The beer was beginning to go to their heads.
Luigi was feeling mellow and relaxed. He felt safe here with his friends. He didn't, for the time being anyway, feel the need to look out for straight blokes to pick up. He was with two blokes who looked and acted straight, except in bed or, with Keith, when he was being over the top gay and deliberately putting on an act. And he liked them and they liked him. He missed Cody so much. But Cody was in the past now. He had Keith and Jason. And while it wasn't the magic of full-flushed romance, it was good.
Keith was entirely happy. He was with his friends, and they would have sex later. What more could you want? He was half in love with Jason. He liked Jason very much, and he also found him very attractive. He knew how easily he fell in love with anyone who was kind to him, and it was even worse if they were also a hunk. Jason was most definitely a hunk, all manly beauty with a sportsman's body. He knew he should be careful not to get too close to Jason. Tom was right. Jason would move on, one of these days. He looked past Jason at Luigi, flushed with the alcohol and the company, and thought of sex later, the three of them together. He admired Luigi's shiny black eyes and his olive complexion and imagined his teeth grazing the bar and ring in Luigi's nipples.
And Jason couldn't stop himself from touching the others often. It felt good to put his hand on Keith's back, to touch Luigi's arm. He wanted to kiss them both. He didn't know whether this was mere affection or love, but any road, he desired them and liked them. It wasn't the same as it had been with Brent. Perhaps no relationship ever would be again. But it would have to do. And it was far better than nothing.

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