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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 197

Stumbling a little, they left the bar at about eleven. That was early for Keith and Jason but Luigi had to work the next day. The air was warm and still, the last warm days of summer. Already the leaves on the plane trees were yellowing and browning, and the rose bushes in the tiny city gardens were starting to look bedraggled, worn out by summer. But it was full moon and her light etched the shadows into indigo and lit the roads and pavements with silver and white.
At Keith's flat they didn't even bother to drink tea or alcohol but fell upon each other at once. Jason was kissing Luigi, his tongue exploring Luigi's mouth while behind him Keith was pressed against his back nibbling his neck, his hands brushing against Jason's nipples. He started undoing the buttons on Jason's shirt, and slipped his hand between Jason's warm hard stomach and his jeans. He squeezed Jason's junk, and bit him gently on the neck at the same time. Jason turned round. Keeping one hand on Luigi, he kissed Keith back. He lowered his head and bit Keith's nipples through the cotton of Keith's T-shirt.
Luigi reached around Jason and started undoing the buttons of Jason's jeans. As he undid each button, he kissed Jason on the back of his neck and stroked Jason's sixpack. “I want you to fuck me straightboy.”

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