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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 200

Keith climaxed first and as his ring clenched convulsively round Luigi's cock, Luigi came too. They collapsed into a heap on the bedclothes.
That was good,” said Luigi.
Just good? Not earth-shattering? Heavenly? Out of this world?” Keith had rolled over and was facing up, his eyes warm with affection and amusement.
Don't want to give you a swollen head,” said Luigi, cradling Keith's head as he said this, and kissing him on his forehead.
You already did!” replied Keith smirking.
Other head, numpty!”
Keith pretended to be downcast.
Since you were in such a hurry just now, Jace, I think it's your turn again,” Keith said, turning towards Jason on his other side.
Jason leaned over and kissed him and then kissed Luigi's fingers and hand because he couldn't reach his face. “Indeed!  What are you guys waiting for, then?  C'mon!”

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