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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 201

He snuggled closer to Jason. They kissed with élan, Keith's tongue clever and strong inside Jason's mouth. Jason kissed Keith back as enthusiastically, and then without stopping the pressure of his groin and doings against the other man's side, he lifted his head and smiled at him. “Hey,” he said.
Hey, yourself!” Keith's smile mixed affection, love and lust, and Jason found that even more erotic than the feel of Keith's hands on his body, of his mouth against his.
Luigi reached over started to massage Jason's cock, which was already plumping up. He began to stroke it slowly, up and down, his hands warm. He leaned over Keith and nibbled Jason's nipples.
Hey! Wait a sec,” said Keith. “Jace should be in the middle.” He climbed over Jason, and Jason wriggled over so that he was between Keith and Luigi.
Keith grabbed the tube of lube and slathered up the fingers of his hand.
Lift your legs,” he said to Jason.
Jason raised his knees. Keith inserted one well-lubed finger into Jason's bum.
Luigi's started pulling Jason's wire as Keith inserted a second finger and then a third into Jason's butt and started massaging his prostate.
Luigi was kissing Jason now, while Keith ran his mouth up and down the inside and outside Jason's calves biting them gently every few seconds while he continued to rub with his fingers. Jason took a bit longer to come this time. The sensation of two mouths on his body while one pair of hands stroked his cock and caressed his nipples and fingers stretched his arse and rubbed his prostate was extraordinary, and he came explosively.

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