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Monday, September 19, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 205

Gay pick up in the 50s
 “Well, yeah, but how did you two meet, then?” Esmé was accusing as she looked at Jason and Luigi.
Jason coloured.
Luigi smiled astringently at her, his shiny black-olive eyes a little cynical, a little sad. “It's not that easy, Esmé. We are outcasts. We can't meet people like you can, you know, a bloke fancies a sheila, he just goes up to her and makes with the happy noises, and then before you know it … But with us, if we go up to someone we fancy, he could be a raving homophobe, and next thing we've lost a tooth or two and are in emergency getting our jaw wired.”
Yeah, and ...” began Keith.
... hang on, lemme finish.” Luigi took a breath. “OK, so you try a different approach. You make friends with another man. You don't mention sex, you don't make passes, you just try to be friends, and fuck it, next thing you're in love, and you discover he's as straight as a plumber's rule, and you've lost your fucking heart to him. At least if you get down to business quickly, at least then you know that you're on the same page. That's why we pick blokes up.”
Yeah, and the problem is that sometimes that's the only thing we have in common with them. That we can fuck.” Keith was bitter.
Yeah, and then we get a kind of taste for the chase, we don't even want something permanent, or we don't want it enough, so we just keep on trawling the meat racks, and then when we're old we have nobody.” Luigi spoke softly but his tone was savage.

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