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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 206

 “But now that you know that, you can do something about it.” Esmé was all sweet reason.
Luigi's smile was small and very sad. “We always knew. And it doesn't help.”
What about us then, Lou?” asked Keith, looking unhappy. “I mean, I knaow … OK, we're not the only blokes around but … Oh fuck it!”
I dunno. I don't want to … I don't want to promise stuff.”
Who's fuckin' talkin' about promises?” Keith was furious, but trying to hide it. “I thought we had somethin' good, ya knaow?” His accent was escaping him again as he became upset.
I've got to go,” said Luigi and stood up and without a backward glance, walked out through the back door (the door to the street was locked because the café was closed)
What the fuck?” ejaculated Keith. He looked at Jason and Esmé. “What did I do?”
Jason sighed. “He has a thing about straight guys. Ever since Cody. Maybe before.”
Stright? Me? Bugger me sideways with a wet banana!”
Cody?” asked Esmé.
Jason explained. Then he added, “He's filled with self-hatred. He … I dunno … he's almost needs the beating up, the beastliness of the straight guys who hate him but are so attracted to him.”
Keith was staring at Jason in wonderment. “Clever clogs, aren't ya? See inta people's hearts, huh?” He pronounced 'see' 'say', his emotion was so deep.
Jason was deeply embarrassed. He muttered something.
Keith smiled suddenly. “It's OK. It's just that if you say into Lou like that you'll say inta may too. That's embarrasin'.”
Jason put his hand on Keith's.
I suppose you know all about me, too?” asked Esmé, only half joking.

[Update: I like to give credit for all the art work I use, whenever I know where it's from.  I read the signature on this drawing as Crisio, and couldn't find a website for him/her.  But on closer inspection it's Cris '10 -- blame my eyesight! -- and I've found the website.  You can see more great gay-shaded pics from this artist here.]

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