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Friday, September 23, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 207

 “Nope,” said Jason grinning. “You're a woman. And therefore completely incomprehensible.”
I want the same things you do,” said Esmé quietly. “Love, and friendship and meaning.”
I dunno that's that is the same, Ezz.” Jason slipped into the diminutive without being aware of it. “Sometimes a man will give up those things just for a good fuck. I'm not going to deny I met Luigi … in the park. I was grieving for Brent ...”
... I'll tell you in a minute. And Luigi picked me. And he was so sexy. But … then I saw how … sad, vulnerable …. fuck, how fucking tragic he was … all that beauty … and he so needs to be loved. So … I'm glad he picked me up.”
Will you try and get him back? Will you go after him, persuade him? He'll get over this soon.”
Oh yes. Most definitely. We … he's not just a fuck. And nor are you, Key.” Jason waited till Keith looked up at him and held his eye for several heartbeats. “You're friends. And if there was one thing I've learnt from the whole Brent thing, it's this: I'm not going to let bad stuff happen to my friends.”
He let go of Keith's hand and took hold of Esmé's. He thought she was looking sad and depressed. “Don't be sad, Ezz. I'll find him and bring him back. I'm going to look after my friends.”
Esmé burst into tears.

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Patrick Young said...

Oh, fer fux sake, Nik, you made me cry. These boyz are so stinkin' beautiful, every one of 'em. Damn you and bless you for giving us their universal essence.