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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 212

Luigi knew at once he'd been a dill. What on earth had possessed him to chuck a wobbly over nothing? Of course Keith thought there was some kind of promise between them. Because there was. He knew quite well that nothing exclusive had been proposed or suggested just that whatever they, the three of them, had was special. He knew Keith wouldn't fuss if he, Luigi, picked up a bloke. Any more than he would if Keith found someone. Perhaps it was all the talk about het stuff. Esmé made him feel a little uncomfortable. He wasn't used to women who took all that gay stuff in their stride. All that talk about fucking. Somehow it offended him that a woman should talk like that. He knew how silly this was and that only made him feel worse. He was grumpy and peevish and knew that that was absurd.
Then he caught a glimpse of something which really ruined his evening.

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