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Friday, October 21, 2011

ElvenSword, chapter 4 (Choices)

A very substantially rewritten chapter 4, uploaded to my website.

Fluin.” He stopped for a moment, while he made his final calculations, before they both stepped through the door of fate from which there can be no return. To his surprise, he could feel the subtle, nerve-tingling buzz of future-change. He could sense the many possible futures lying in limbo, ready for one to align and crystallize out of the void, turning from possibility to probability to truth. The threads in the Tapestry woven by the Weavers were being moved and cut, and new threads inserted. Why? It could only be because what he was about to do was going to change the future drastically. This alarmed him. He tried to feel gently along the paths, to sense what was right. Yet he didn't know what to do, what the future held. The forces and the uncertainties were too strong. He must trust his instincts and his heart. May the Great Spirit guide me and help me!

Apollo -- via Karen'sWhimsy

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