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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Majorca Flats 219

 “Esmé isn't like that.”
Isn't she? She's fucking in love with Key. For all I know, they're fucking.”
So? Keith fucks Tom. You knew that, didn't you?”
Yeah.” Luigi scowled. “But it's different!”
Luigi pulled himself out of Jason's arms and went to stand at the window looking down at the street below. A tram went by, rattling over its tracks, and the driver pinged its bell at a wayward car. “I don't know,” he said at last. “Maybe because … because if you're married you're supposed to be faithful and all that stuff. Maybe because the hets always win. Everybody approves of marriage! Everybody goes all dewy-eyed about a newly married couple. As long as they're a man and a woman. Everybody's assumptions are that this is the real relationship and ours is inferior. Worthless. Meaningless.”
Keith would never hurt you, Lou.”
Yes, he would, if Esmé married him and then said marriage is for two and he had to be faithful to her. I knew a bi bloke who got married and his wife knew he was bi and before the marriage said 'no it's fine I won't mind if you have a man occasionally.' As soon as they were married, she said, 'oh, I can't bear it when you're with a man.' So he stopped.”

[Image from World Polyamory Association]

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