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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 218

 “Yes. I understand. Another Cody.”
Luigi rested his head against Jason's. Through the bones of his skull, Jason heard Luigi say, “I saw him last night.”
Jason turned to look directly at Luigi's face. “Did you talk?”
No. I … I couldn't speak. I couldn't. But … he smiled at me, Jace. And it all came back. How much I loved him. How much I'm still hurting. I loved him so much, Jace. So fucking much!”
Jason hugged him closer. “Why don't you …?”
“ … never! He deceived me!”
But he loves you, doesn't he?”
Yes. He does. But I'll always have to come second. His wife will come first. And if one day she finds out, that'll be it.”
Maybe … maybe she'll chuck him out?”
Yeah. But he's straight. He's a pussy-hound. I could see when he was with her. He loves her.”
And you think Keith's going to do that to you?”
I don't know!” Luigi voice was anguished. There was a long silence, and Jason just kept on stroking Luigi's back. “I don't want to … to hurt like that again.”
Jason just nodded, his hands warm against Luigi's back.
And besides. All that het stuff. It … makes me feel … worthless. We don't count for anything with them. You know that.”

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1 comment:

Patrick Young said...

Oh, dear, wounded Lou! And of course he WOULD have that perspective that Cody's wife would always be first, but so sad that both the experience of being dumped/ignored by Cody and the fear of Keith doing the same thing over Esme would manifest as making Lou feel worthless. I hope Lou comes to realize that he's mistaken (not WRONG) that "we don't count for anything with them." 'Cuz he does count!