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Monday, October 17, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 225

My dearest Jason,
I'm having such a nice time with Lucy. She owns a wonderful Victorian mansion all surrounded by verandahs and green lawns and tropical vegetation it's all very exotic and rather lovely. The Colonel such a silly spelling but you know how very odd English is bought the house for a song decades ago and their children were brought up there and seem to be quite Malayan as they speak the language fluently and her son Hugh has a Malayan wife so beautiful though I think they call it Malaysia now so pretentious all this name changing just so some miserable politician can have their name on some monument or road though why there is Asia in Malaysia I don't know since everybody knows Malaysia is in Asia. The house is quite wonderful really just like out of some BBC period drama from my grandfather's times and the verandahs are essential because of the heat but Lucy has installed air conditioning we have tous conforts! This flying business is greatly overdone I was quite washed out by the time I got here even though the seat was marvellously comfortable I suppose I'm getting old which is altogether tiresome but I think it wise to break one's journey since Australia is so far away so I will stay with Lucy on the way back. I didn't have any champagne on the flight though it looked quite delicious because I haven't for years when I travel since that one time in Washington. She and I and her sons played croquet on the lawn for a while which quite took me back but it is such an old fashioned game don't you think. I decided to stay one extra day here so I will be arriving on Tuesday morning your time I'm sorry to throw out all your arrangements like this but I got so tired and I have what they call jetlag which happens because you leave your soul behind you when you fly because the aeroplane just zips along like anything I wonder what Canon Green would say.

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