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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 226

It wasn't quite dark outside even at 2 am. The sky was clear, and it was summer shading into autumn, so the night sky was more silver than black. But he didn't care for summer any more. Once it had been his favourite season. At the beach, looking in secret at the other boys. He didn't do that any more. Summer had been spoiled. Winter gave him more hours of darkness, and there was so much to do, so much. Cleaning the Augean stables. Father McAlister had taught them well. Winter wasn't perfect, though. Getting undressed in mid-winter in the mountains was a good way to catch pneumonia. He pushed the problem of winter away. He would make a plan. He would keep on with his work, somehow.
He bent down and lifted the body off the table in the garage. The young man was still breathing raggedly. He preferred to kill away from his house. Less mess. He hated mess. He had already opened the back door of the van and lifted the folding bench seat, which he'd had specially built into it. To the casual observer, the van looked like a classic camper's van, kitted out with a bed, a seat, a little stove and a sink.
He lay the man in the hollow space under the seat. For a moment he looked down at his prey, his forehead wrinkled. He didn't want him to die before time. He very much liked them to be alive when he did it. Their terror was necessary if they were to be made to repent. Well, there was nothing to be done. If he died before time, there were always others. He closed the bench seat, climbed into the driver's seat, and reversed the mini-bus out of the garage. A casual inspection would show nothing. On the side of the van the words “St Joseph's Home” were painted. People saw what they wanted to see, what they thought they saw.
No one had caught him yet. No one ever would. He was too clever. Anyway, the Lord watched over him and supported his work. He blinded the eyes of His enemies, and He confounded their minds and hearts.

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