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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 231

After, he said to Tom, “I miss us livin' tagether you know. It would be nice to cuddle afterwards.”
I could get a sofa. My executive sofa!” Tom kissed him behind his ear.
Why not? And why don't we have dinner on Thursday night, and I can stay over at your place?”
Dinner? On you?”
Yeah.” Keith grinned at the other man. “Any way you want on or in or over me!”
Tom slapped his bum gently. “Every way. You know that. But I meant, ya cheeky bugger, are ya payin'?”
Keith nodded, his eyes filled with love. He put his head against Tom's and whispered into his ear, “You always hit the spot, Tom. I dunno that I'm as good as you with that. That's why I like it when ya fuck me.”
Might as well learn then! And who better to learn from?” He hesitated a few seconds. “Dya think Jace can do the bar by himself on Thursday?”
Nah. Be a bit hard. But Thursday's quiet, ya knaow, and I can ask Lou whether he'll help out, and Esmé too. Maybe you should hire someone else so that, you knaow, you and I can have more time together?”
Ya knaow how difficult it is to get good blaokes. Your Jason has turned out good. We'll miss him when he goes back to England.”
If he goes.”
He might. You can't trust paiple, Key.”
I trust you, Tom. Always.”

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