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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 230

Can I cum rnd 2night? The text message on Keith's mobile was from Luigi. It was followed a moment later by another sorry 2 b such a dickhd. Of course, gd 2 c ya, Keith texted back.
He smiled as he thumbed off his phone. Jason was coming over too. It was Monday, and The Lord Grey was closed. They had planned to watch that week's episode of Downton Abbey together. Now they could all watch it.
Even though The Lord Grey was closed, Tom was in his office working. Keith went through to the office and asked Tom if he could have two bottles of cheap champagne from the bar's fridges.
Natch. What's the occasion?”
Luigi and Jason are comin' over to watch Downton Abbey tonight.”
Good on yaz.”
Keith kissed Tom on the mouth. “I luvya, Tom.”
Tom hugged him. “Shall we?” he asked.
Keith lifted Tom's T-shirt over his head and bit gently down on his nipples. “Yeah.”

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