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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Majorca Flats 229

He drove through the warm summer night. He wasn't afraid of being stopped. He was going camping, wasn't he? That was perfectly legal, even approved of. The healthy outdoors. And yes, it was late at night, but he worked long hours, didn't he? He had to go camping when he could. He had a sleeping bag, food in the cupboards of the little van, and it was perfect camping weather. Why would anyone suspect any different? Even if he was stopped by a booze-bus, he hadn't drunk any alcohol. Alcohol was the snare of the Devil, like all drugs, and led to Evil. And now that he was Chosen of the Lord, he had set aside all Evil. He had been in the grip of Satan and his demons when he had used drugs and he gave thanks every day to the Lord that he had been saved from sin through Jesus' grace.
The journey took a little over forty-five minutes. At that time of the night there was little traffic. No booze-buses, no police cars. He was very careful to keep within the speed limit, but even then, the trip to Mt Macedon didn't take long.
As the little van laboured up the steep ascent to the summit, he felt the excitement within him begin to build.

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