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Monday, October 31, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 234

I prefer the earl,” interjected Jason. “Look how good he looks. He's fifty if he's a day. Look at those beautiful eyes. Imagine them smiling down at you as he does you.”
They other two stared at him in awe.
What?” asked Jason, colouring.
Hmmm,” said Keith looking past Jason (who was in the middle) to Luigi. “He prefers older men, huh? What is to become of us two, then, hey?”
Jason put down his champagne on the table, then without a pause, grabbed their cocks through their pants, one in each hand. He squeezed. Hard. “Right! You two going to behave or must I take serious steps?”
Yes, boss!” said Keith, nodding madly.
Si, signor, capisco!” said Luigi.
Exactly!” said Jason. “Now you get the picture!”
The ads ended and the story started again.
Jace's right,” said Luigi quietly, “he is very handsome. And very cute.”
Keith put his head on Luigi's shoulder. “Not nearly as beaut as you, Lou.”
Luigi reached up his hand and patted Keith's head. “Nor you, Key-baby.”
You'll look like him, one day,” said Keith to Jason. “All patrician and powerful and hot as.”
Except in 30 years time, I hope I have an Ozzie accent.”
He's staying, thought Keith, suddenly unbearably happy.
Will we three still be friends in thirty years time? wondered Luigi, a little sadly.
Then Jason put his head on Luigi's shoulder and said, “If they let me stay. Hey, Key, refill my glass and stop hogging the chips!”

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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