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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 250

Macho butch posturing

As he snapped his phone closed, he heard the alarm go off in the bedroom. Jeez, was it already that time? They had to pick up Jason's grandmother at the airport. He put the kettle on. If he didn't have tea before he left to fetch Cody, he would feel like death warmed up later on. He went through to the bedroom and switched on the light.
Wake up you two. Cody's in trouble.”
What?” Jason shook the sleep out of his head, like a dog.
Keith pulled the pillow over his head. “Go 'way!” came the muffled instruction.
Luigi heartlessly grabbed the pillow and threw it to the other side of the room. “Didja hear what I said, Mrs Numpty? Cody's in trouble. And we have to fetch Jace's nanna from the airport.”
What?” Keith's eyes were bleary and unfocussed.
Up! Up! Up! Now!”
Such a fuckin' butch cock-sucker!” grumped Keith. “It's always the way,” he said to Jason. “Ya fuck someone and nex' mornin' they're full a' macho swagger.” To Luigi, he said, “Sure ya weren't a P.T. teacher in a previous life, ya bleedin' drongo?”
Yeah, and I'll make you do twenty push-ups if you don't get up now!”
The good-looking are always the worst,” said Keith to Jason, as if they were alone in the room. “Strut, swagger, show-off, macho butch posturing. Jeez, worse than the fuckin' army! You'd think he was a fuckin' baby-maker the way he's going' on!”
Jason was grinning. “C'mon, slowcoach. We've got to fetch my gran.”
Are you two deaf? Cody's in trouble! The Mount Macedon murderer took him. We've got to … I've got to go and fetch him.”

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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