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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 251

The effect of what he said on the other two was every bit as satisfying as he might have hoped.
Keith sat bolt upright and said, “Fuck me!”
Jason who was already up and walking through to the kitchen, stopped. “Come again?”
Avoiding the obvious jokes, Luigi said, “Cody was taken by the Mt Macedon murderer. Remember I said I'd seen him getting into a car—a van—and, anyway, he was captured but he escaped. He's been ...”
He was interrupted by “ he OK?” from Keith to “Fucking bastard!” from Jason.
I dunno what state he's in. I'm going to fetch him. So what I need you to do is drive me home quicksticks so I can get my car.”
Roight!” Keith leapt out of bed and hurried through to the kitchen. “Tea!” he said. “And brekker. An army fights on its stomach!”
We're no army.” Jason was amused at Keith's energy.
We are, mate, we are. This mouth-breather has tried to get one of us. And we're goin' to find him and tear him ta paices, the measly waidy cunt!”
Just get a jizz on, Key. I want to start now. Look, forget your tea and stuff for 5 minutes. Just drive me over to my car, and come back and have brekker and tea while I'm on the road to Mount Macedon.”
Yeah. OK. Lemme put on some togs.”

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)


Patrick Young said...

I've no stinkin' idea what this means, literally translated, of course having utmost respect for idioms and colloquialisms (I'm from the South, after all) but :
"the measly waidy cunt!”


Nikolaos said...

Well, "cunt" I trust, can require no explanation. "Measly" is a phrase used this side of the English/English linguistic divide to denote somethings small, unimportant or trivial. And "waidy" is Keith's Ocker pronunciation of "weedy" meaning unmuscled, weak, skinny and probably wearing glasses. At school I was frequently abused with this epithet.

Patrick Young said...

I'm so enlightened!! and energized!! Now on for Gran to wallop these trollops into a force of nature against the foul fetid base element...

tee hee

Patrick Young said...

tragic, alas, in history, but so apropos of the present dynamic of the boyzes!!!

Keep it up, Nik!!