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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 253

When Keith got back to the flat, Jason had already showered. “Borrowed some of your boxers, Key, and a T-shirt. I think maybe I should start keeping some gear here.”
Keith smiled. He was happy at this sign of permanence. “Yeah. 'Course, I could start coming to your place.”
No. Not that I wouldn't like that. But I don't want to wake Eleanor. She's an old lady and if I bring you over, Bolt will go demented with excitement. But you know, she invited me to bring my friends over any time. I mean during the day or evening. And if I know gran she'll be very interested to meet you. And both of them are totally cool about gayness.”
Taking me home to meet the family, thought Keith, and then had to stamp firmly on his optimism. Give it time, he thought to himself. Que sera, sera. But nothing would extinguish the flame of hope in his heart.
I made you tea and toast, but maybe it's a bit cold by now.”
Nah. Nao worries. Lemme eat it and then I'll do my famous 5 minute shower and then we'll head off.”
It's only five minutes if you don't wank, you know.”
Then you'll have to make it up to me afterwards.”
Key! Get a jizz on, mate!”
Talking of jizz ...” said Keith, leering suggestively at Jason.
This calls for the treatment,” said Jason in a stern voice. “Let me go and get the cane!”
Keith squeaked and dived into the shower. Jason threw the cold tea out and put on the kettle to make some more.
As they drove towards the Tullamarine freeway, Keith asked, “When the flight due, Jace?”
In about half an hour. But she's still got to go through customs and immigration after that and I dunno how long that'll take. With me it took forever. But she's travelling first class. Maybe they get swept through with a smile on a magic red carpet.” And maybe, thought Jason with a sudden frisson of horror, the computer will have alerted the immigration people to exactly who she is and they really will do that. He gave an involuntary groan.
What?” asked Keith.
Keith shot him a quick glance.
They parked in the cavernous garage next to the airport just as the British Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur was supposed to be landing. Locking the car, they ran through to International Arrivals. There were passengers pouring through from the exits from customs and immigration, and Jason scanned the faces in vain for his grandmother.
She won't be through yet, Jace. Look, that board there shows that the flight's a few minutes late. It's only just landed.”
Good. I just want to phone Lou and see if he's OK. He should be nearly there by now. He said it would take him about 40 minutes.”

Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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