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Monday, November 21, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 255

A familiar grey-haired old lady appeared through the sliding doors.
Gran! Over here!” Jason moved as fast as he could through the crowds towards his grandmother and when he reached her threw his arms around her.
Oh, gran!” he said, quite overcome with love and affection.
Jason, darling, so lovely to see you!” His grandmother was as emotional as he.
Gran, this is my friend Keith. Keith, this is my gran ...” and then he stopped because he wasn't quite sure what to call her.
Lucasta Wellbury, my dear,” she said casting a quick sharp glance at Jason. “Such a pleasure. Meeting you I mean. One of dear Jason's friends. Such a bore the customs wallahs! Wanting to know whether I was an immigrant. As if I would leave Parker and Mr Minim like that. Miles and miles of desert my dear, wrinkled brown holes everywhere.” Keith's eyes sparkled with amusement. “So big. All those sheep stations and red dust. Quite wearing. Not as young as I was, you know,” she said casting a roguish grin at Keith.
Keith was delighted with her. He bowed. “Welcome to Oz, Mrs Wellbury!”
Oz. So yellow brick road. Or was that another film? With Judy Gladiolus. Some flower name. Used to be all the rage when I was a gal. Flowers and gems. I could have been Ruby. Or Violet really to do that to your child but my father was a classics buff. Ancient Greeks. So much we learnt from them I mean our civilisation except of course the gay thing I had a discussion with Canon Green about it not quite an argument.”
Wouldn't have thought that timid old stick would argue with formidob you, gran!”
Not timid. Reserved, perhaps. The best kind of Christian, Jason. Don't judge him as anything like those vulgar American fundamentalists. Anyway he said in the end that whatever the Bible said about homosexuality we were given brains by God to think and too many people didn't think and we were given hearts by Him to love and too many people didn't love and then he started making copious notes for a sermon and got quite distracted so I knew he'd forgotten the Sunday lunch invitation I'd made him so I got Parker to phone such a dear man.”

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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