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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Literally.  I have Niagara Falls gastro.  Yuck.  Dispiriting.  Tiring.

But also metaphorically.

I've so gone off straight blokes.  I'm sick of the way they judge gay guys -- and they can't even help themselves, it's so ingrained.  The little homophobic curl of the lips, the way they think that you're after their bod, the way they think their version of maleness is obviously and without question better than yours.   The hidden assumptions, the judgements.  Of course things are better now than they were.  We don't get jailed or hanged for being gay (at least outside Muslim countries and the Christian-Fascist barbarian nations of Africa)  But they're far from right.  I was reading in Dorothy Sayers' "Whose Body?" where she quite calmly calls Jews "sheenies".  Jews might have had equal rights in England in the 20s and 30s but they were still thoroughly despised.  We gays are at that stage now.

Meanwhile, we gays remain outsiders.  Looked down on at best, hated and feared at worst.  It makes me so angry.

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