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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 271

They were there. Majorca Flats was written in embossed plaster moulding above the central door in a line of five terraced houses. Above the moulding was a small gable, much less ornate that was common for that period, the late 1880s, she guessed, though of course that was the time of art nouveau wasn't it all elegant smooth curves and art à la Japonaise and she expected that the speculator who built the terrace had been to Europe and seen the world and probably shocked his neighbours with the new simple lines but really it was rather lovely especially on a warm golden early-autumn day.
The door was open and standing there leaning on a stick was an elderly lady with iron-grey hair up in a bun and an adorable little fox terrier rushing backwards and forwards from her feet to the gate yipping with excitement.
Jason opened the gate and grabbed the dog. “He's called Bolt, gran, because that's what he does if the gate's open! You go through, and Keith and I'll bring the cases. Eleanor, this is my gran Lucasta Ellesmere, gran this is Eleanor Cumberledge.”

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