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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 272

 “Delighted, my dear, I'm sure,” exclaimed Lucasta, immediately taking a liking to the other woman. “So nice to meet you at last Jason has said so much about you I simply had to come and see Australia you know. Wonderful.” She waved her hand vaguely behind her at the street.
You must be worn a frazzle, Mrs Ellesmere, just exhausted. It's such a long flight and it just goes on and on, and travel is so very tiring. Come in, come in, and welcome! Jason, if you could grab Bolt before he trips your grandmother up!”

Oh I have a dog too, such a character a Pekingese or at least the mother but the father was a travelling man as they say though should we call it now a Beijingese really sometimes all this not offending people goes too far don't you think?” She bent down and patted Bolt and rubbed him behind his ears. Bolt rolled over to be stroked on his tummy.
We can have tea on the veranda,” said Eleanor. “I expect you need a cup or two. Jason, your gran's room is the one next to yours.”

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