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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 273

Keith arrived and Jason introduced him to Eleanor Cumberledge. The two young men carried the cases up to the room.

So this is ya room?” asked Keith, standing at the door of Jason's room. “Oi loik it.”
Yeah. I like your flat, though. You're lucky. It's really nice.”
Yeah. You could live with me there if you want.” Keith didn't know where this sudden proposal came from, and as soon as he'd said it, he wished he hadn't.
Jason stepped close to him and put one hand on Keith's junk and the other behind Keith's head. Looking directly into Keith's eyes, he said, “Man, I half live there already. But … working together and spending all our off time together … would it work out? I don't want to lose you, Key, love. Not after Brent. And I … well … I think I'm half in love with you and Lou and I don't want to spoil it.” He kissed Keith, softly at first and then deeply, his hand squeezing Keith's doings. Then he leant his head against Keith's shoulder. His breath tickled Keith's neck. They stood like this for a long time, not moving, their whole bodies pressed against each other. They could both feel the other's erection.
Even though Keith's invitation had been turned down, his heart beat with happiness. His hard-on was easy to ignore when his heart was so full. All the same, after several minutes he said with a lewd grin, “Maybe we could go back there later and, you know, get to know each other better.”
Jason slapped Keith's bum. “Yeah, I could feel you were getting excited, you perve.”
They went and joined the two old ladies.

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