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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 279

 “Hey, Col!” Michael smiled at the man who opened the door. He was in uniform but without his cap.
Mikie babe!” Colin shook his hand vigorously then turned to Luigi and Cody.
Ah, Colin, this is Luigi. This is Cody.”
G'day! Come inside.”
They went in to the building. The police station was a single room in the front of the building, with a desk and police public service notices on the walls. There was a table with four shabby chairs round it. Through the open door leading to the back of the house came a toddler's wail.
Sorry about that,” said Colin. “It's my daughter and she's sick as. And feeling very sorry for herself.”
Luigi nodded. Cody just stared at the table.
Right, let's begin. Is it OK if I record this? I'll take notes but the recording helps jog my memory. And anyway, the detective branch will want a record. I'm going to use my personal video camera because, well, we're such a small police station, we don't have an official one.”
When Cody didn't answer, Luigi put his hand on Cody's arm, and said quietly, “Come on, love, we'll get through this.” He was determined not to let the fact that he was in a police station stop him showing his love. And anyway, Cody needed him to be there for him.
Cody nodded. “OK,” he muttered.

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