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Monday, January 9, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 278

 “If you follow me in your car, I'll show you the way,” said Michael.
All right,” said Luigi.
They drove in convoy down the mountain to the rolling hills at the base. They turned up a side street lined with pin oaks and came in a few moments to a 1930s wooden house with the blue police notice outside.
As the car pulled over to the edge of the road outside the police station, Cody said, “I can't do this, Lou. I can't expose myself to the police, to the media. I can't.”
Coads, you are already on the police books. Your wife has already reported you missing. And you are at risk from this bloke until he is caught.”
Cody stared away out of the window, obviously finding the tree in its autumn dress in front of the police station compellingly fascinating. He swallowed and the muscles in his jaw moved but he said nothing.
You said you'd got your life back. And you were grateful. You have to face up to this Coads. To put it behind you. You have a whole life ahead of you. It seems that nothing will ever be right again. But it will, love. This is the low point. From now on it'll gradually get better.”
Promise?” Cody turned to look at Luigi. His eyes were dark with despair.
Luigi locked eyes with Cody but couldn't bring himself to speak or even nod.
After a moment Cody opened the passenger door and got out. Without a word, his head bent, he went up to Michael who was waiting at the gate in the hedge in front of the police station.
Heart dark with foreboding and sorrow, Luigi climbed out of the car and joined them.

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