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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 280

The police constable set up the video camera on a tripod. “It's my hobby,” he explained.
Colin takes all the team photos and videos,” added Michael.
It all seemed rather intimate and personal to Luigi. He had imagined some anonymous windowless room, like they showed on TV, with hostile sneering policemen. This homely police station with its single low-ranking policeman and its worn furniture and desk hardly gave the impression of cutting-edge detection.
Colin smiled at Cody. “Let's begin.” He turned on the video camera, tested the view and the sound and set it to record.
Senior constable Colin de Graves at Macedon Police station, Thursday ____________. Please, Cody, could you give me your full name and address.”
Luigi looked Colin in surprise. This was a grand name. The de Graves family was very prominent in the state. Why was a young de Graves a mere constable in a small country town when he could be someone and something important and glamorous in the city? A lawyer? A politician in training?
In a monotone, Cody answered, not looking at either the camera or Colin.
Can you tell me what happened?” His voice was calm and kind and without judgement.

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