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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 283

There was a minute of complete silence.
The first thing we do after this is to call an ambulance,” said Colin, his mouth a grim line of distaste and anger, though it wasn't clear who he was angry with. “And you're going to need a police guard. You saw his face. You know too much about him.”
You can't guard me forever.” Cody's voice was very quiet.
But we can catch the bastard. And we will. Believe me, Cody, we will nail him.”
Police don't care about us. About gay or bi blokes.” Cody shrugged fatalistically. “You couldn't give a flying rat's clacker for us.”
Colin looked at him. “I care,” he said. He reached up and turned off the video camera. He waited until they were all looking at him. “That's why I recorded this.  Normally a complaint made to the police isn't recorded.  But I wanted to make sure a record is made.”
Luigi was suspicious.  How had he known that this was about the Mount Macedon murderer?

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