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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 284

Colin put the camera on again. “The police are here to fight crime. And you're not the criminal here, Cody. You haven't broken any laws. And he has. He's almost certainly killed four men already—that we know about. And that's a crime. Rape is a crime. Abduction and kidnapping is a crime. Cutting you is a crime.” He looked at Cody. “Cody … if you help us, we'll get him. We'll stop him doing it again. And again. And again. It took courage to come forward, Cody. The police won't let you down.”
He waited for a response from Cody, but there was silence.
He sighed. “We haven't got an artist here or the software to draw a picture of this man. Can you give us a description of him?”
He was my height, he was slim, with sort of rubbery folds on his face. You know how some people's wrinkles are very tiny and thin, and others look like bloodhounds. Well, he had folds on his chin but they were thick. His eyes ...” Cody paused and took another swallow of water, “ … they were grey maybe or blue—it was hard to tell because it was dark and his pupils were dilated—and his eyebrows were very bushy. His hair was a mixture of grey and black ...”
... Yeah,” interrupted Luigi, “salt-and-pepper.”
You saw him?” asked Colin, sharply.
Yes,” said Luigi flatly. “I saw him taking Cody. I thought Cody was with … someone he'd picked up.” I turned to Cody. “I saw you coming out of the bar. With him. And help you get into his Combi van. I should have gone up then and non of this would have happened.”
Cody looked at Luigi and sighed. “I'm sorry, Lou. I'm so sorry.”

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