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Monday, January 23, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 285

Shaggin' wagon, by Holliex33

 “So'm I, Coads. Hey, let's talk about this later.” Luigi looked deep into Cody's eyes. “And we'll get him. And he will pay.”
Looking at Luigi, no one doubted that if he got his hands on the murderer, the man who'd hurt his lover, he would pay. His Sicilian ancestry was visible in his face: strong, resolute, grim; and his eyes were black with anger and the desire for vengeance.
It is an offence to take justice into your own hands. The police will catch him and he will be handed over for trial and he will pay the penalties for his crimes.” Colin's tone was cool and firm.
Luigi just looked at him. Colin said, “I know you're angry. And I know that you believe the police won't do their job. But we will. And we're the experts. And this is a case of murder. Multiple murder.”
Luigi nodded reluctantly.
Turning back to Cody, Colin asked, “Could you describe the van?”
It was an old Combi shaggin'-waggon. A bit rusted. Inside it was fitted out like a campervan, with a bench and cupboards and curtains. He put me in a kind of chest which was underneath the seat.”
Do you by any chance remember the number?”
Cody shook his head. “Wait,” he said, “on the side was the name 'St Joseph's' or 'St Michael's', saint something, anyway, like it was a school van or an orphanage or maybe some Catholic parish van, something like that. It was worn, I dunno, twenty years old? Maybe older. There was rust in places.”

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