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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Majorca Flats -- 286

Colin said, “End of interview,” and gave the time and switched off the camera. “Cody, thank you for coming forward. I know you would've preferred to keep this quiet. Lots of rape victims don't want to talk about what's been done to them. And that's understandable. But your courage will allow us to catch him, to stop this happening again.” He looked at Cody waiting for a response. When none came, he said, “I'll fill out the report form and you can sign it. And I'll send you a copy of the video. Detectives will be in touch. If you would like to talk to me again, here's my number.” He passed across a piece of paper with his name and a mobile number written on it. “Where can we contact you?”
Cody mumbled something.
Cody shouted, “FUCK! FUCK!” Then more quietly added, “I'm not going to be married much longer, right? And I don't know where I'll be staying. But just in case, here's the number,” and he gave his home phone. He'd never given that to Luigi, and Luigi felt a quick surge of anger when he remembered that.
Colin turned to look at Luigi.
If he needs a place to stay, he can stay with me.” Luigi's voice was firm. The past was the past. For now Cody needed support. Later, they would decide what would happen. He gave his mobile number to the policeman.

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