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Sunday, August 25, 2013


There's this guy I know.  Perhaps you might even call him my friend, though he struggles to actually care about me as a person, because he hasn't quite got over his love affair with himself, so I'm not sure he is, really.

He's handsome, sexy, healthy and well-off.  He's gifted (languages, maths, music, sport).  He has a beautiful wife, and two beaut kids, who are adorable and also do well at stuff.  You know exactly what sort of family that is.  Mr and Mrs Perfect and their kids.

Yet he constantly complains.  He's always angry about the very minor road bumps in his life.  He takes his anger out on the ppl around him.  It's strange: he simply cannot see how blessed he is, how very lucky.

Maybe his very inability to be grateful to the gods is his bad luck.   I confess: I find it very tiresome.

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